Add To Your WishlistRecycled Aluminium Heart Jewellery Dish

Add To Your WishlistRecycled Aluminium Heart Jewellery Dish

Fall in love with our adorable heart shaped dish, a versatile gem that adds charm to any space! Whether as a jewellery dish beside your bed, a delightful serving bowl, or a stylish key dish, it's the perfect blend of function and flair.

This heart shaped beauty isn't just pretty - it's a meaningful gift to express your love! Ideal for Valentine's Day, anniversaries or as an engagement present, it's a heartfelt token they'll cherish.

Handmade with care, each heart dish is finished with vibrant enamel, available in a range of hues including red, burnt orange, baby blue, dark purple and white. These stunning heart gifts are not just symbols of love but also champions of sustainability, crafted from recycled aluminium and lovingly packaged in eco friendly materials.

Versatile, eco conscious, and brimming with love - this heart dish is more than just a pretty piece, it's a statement of your commitment to both style and sustainability. 

This colourful, enamel heart bowl has been crafted entirely by hand using traditional techniques. Due to this, variations in the item may occur.

  • Colour choices: 13 - aqua blue, purple, forest green, mauve, white & more
  • Material: Recycled aluminium with enamel
  • Eco Friendly
  • Dimensions: 12 x 15 x 4cm 
  • Handmade in Northern India
  • Created using traditional techniques
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    Handmade from recycled aluminium and finished with colour enamel


    12cm (4.7 inches) length

    15cm (5.9 inches) width

    4cm (1.5 inches) height


    This heart shaped dish is an incredibly versatile bowl and has a variety of use options. The most popular uses for this heart bowl are as a jewellery dish in the bedroom/dressing room/bathroom. A trinket dish for storing hair clips, bobbles and other bits. As a small, colourful key dish in the hallway and for serving nibbles and chocolates at a romantic meal.

    This heart bowl is also very popular as a Valentines, Anniversary, Wedding and Secret Santa gift.


    Certified food safe. Hand wash in warm soapy water. Not dishwasher safe.

  • Colour Options

    [Colour Choices]

    Available in REFLECT and TONE finishes:

    REFLECT is a transparent colour allowing the brush and shine of the aluminium to come through giving it a reflective and unique finish.

    Colours available: Red, Aqua, Lime, Purple, Grey, and Orange.

    TONE is a solid colour finish preventing the aluminium to come through resulting in a solid, matter, even tone colour.

    Colours available: Baby Blue, Blue, Forest Green, Mauve, Mustard, Dark Purple, black and White.

  • Reviews
    Susan D

    Arrived quickly. Beautiful colour and design. Lovely gift

    Denise H

    A beautiful little trinket dish, I was thrilled with my purchase.

    Gul B

    Using as a trinket dish. Really classy and expensive looking.

    Jennifer M

    Absolutely beautiful, friend loved this as a present, cannot recommend enough

    Jennifer M

    Absolutely beautiful, friend loved this as a present, cannot recommend enough

    Pamela A

    Absolutely beautiful dish. Extremely well made with a very pretty lacquer finish and the small rubber feet prevent it from marking any surface. An excellent gift for anyone as it’s pure elegance. Dish arrived quickly after ordering and was well packaged.

    Dennie F

    Gorgeous, exactly what I was looking for, leave my jewellery I use daily in it at night time :)

    Canny Shopper

    Bought this smaller heart dish to go with the larger one I purchased from Oh So Pretty at the same time, both as gifts for someone, the colour is lovely.

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