With Autumn on the way, what can we expect to see from the upcoming trends? Well Biophilic design is very much still at the forefront, keeping nature very much indoors. With this we can see the colours, textures and shapes of nature being the focus of this trend.


Green is one the colours dominating the Autumn/Winter colour palette (and not only do we do the colour green, we are green!)
From sage greens to forest greens, nature offers many shades, and bringing in the natural greens of nature will bring a peaceful and calming element to your environment.
Using accessories such as cushions, throws, art, plants and bowls are an excellent way of bringing in the green.
Check out our best selling Large Abstract Bowl in Lime Green or our Mango Bowls in Teal Green


Outdoor textures such as wood, stone and concrete are a strong interior trend for the Autumn/Winter season. A mixture of these types of textures will bring visual focus and interest as well as a level of warmth.
Wooden and concrete bowls, accessories and small pieces of furniture are a great way to mix up the textures of your abode.
Jesmonite is an eco friendly, concrete like material and is a quick and easy way of adding a concrete like element to you interior.
Our Mango Wood bowls in Natural has a wonderful, natural and unique finish brings warmth in practical form.


Not surprising to see earthy, autumnal tones in the colour palette this up coming season. Inspired by the colours of the changing leaves, the oranges, reds and browns that are replacing the various greens that are now abandoning us. These earthy colours bring warmth and cosiness to our interior environments.
Rugs, cushions, candles, curtains and bowls help achieve these warm, cosy interiors.
We offer a large selection of bowls in orange, red and brown, including our best selling 
Large Abstract Bowl.



Reflecting the outdoor trend, prints and patterns will mainly boast a botanical and geometric theme. Think big leaf patterns across cushions, rugs, artwork and reflected within the accessories like in our Jesmonite range


This is one of the big factors within the Autumn Winter trend this year. Blue is on of the best ways to bring in the outdoor whilst bringing in a calm and tranquil feel, think of the blues skies and calming waters and the relaxing feeling they bring. 
Bring in these beautiful blues into every area of you home with the use of rugs, plant pots, artwork, cushions and bowls. We have a large selection of blue bowls in our aluminium and mango ranges


Bring in the wonderful world of nature into your home using curves. Curves are everywhere in nature, from rivers and streams to trees and plants.
Curves create the feeling of flow and movement, which is a wonderful way of bringing two areas of your home together seamlessly. From furniture to kitchen islands, accessories and art, curves avoid harsh edges and bring softness and flow to your environment. Our Oval and Abstract Collection are all about the curve!


Bringing in a touch of glamour and elegance to your calm, serene interior, will be those finish touches of gold, brass, velvet and faux fur. Adding warmth and opulence to your home. Perfect for bringing in those touches of gold and brass are our bowls, in a moody blue or forest green.