If you are after a statement fruit bowl that gives the wow factor, then check out our best selling Abstract Collection. There are two sizes available in the Abstract Collection, and both are suitable as a large or small fruit bowl or just as a display piece. The bowl is handmade from recycled aluminium, in a beautiful, contemporary shape. With a small base and two curved, offset sides, the bowl look different from every angle. It is also great for adding a splash of colour with it's gorgeous enamel interior. There are 12 colour choices to choose from including the popular aqua blue, teal green, mustard and white. Joining the collection in Summer 2023 will a Matt Gold exterior.


 If you are looking for a fruit bowl that is suitable for a family, not only in terms of size but durability, then Oh So Pretty & Green have the bowl for you! With our most popular fruit bowls being from our recycled aluminium collection, these bowls are perfect due their construction - they are very hardwearing! And if you are looking for a bowl to hold a lot of fruit - or a large selection of fruit - we can suggest two bowls that will be perfect. Depending on whether the surface you are looking at is rectangular - a kitchen island say, or a large, round dining table, we can suggest the Large Boat Bowl or the Large Round Bowl.
The Large Boat Bowl is a long, slim bowl which is perfect for slimmer surfaces yet still holds an impressive amount of fruit. This beautiful, long bowl is 51cm in length, and a shorter, 38cm bowl is also available. These Boat Bowls are available in a choice of 12 colour options including the popular Orange, Blue and Black.
For those deeper or round surfaces, the Large Round Bowl makes a perfect choice. Its relatively shallow with a height of just 10cm, but boasts a diameter of 35cm, allowing it to hold plenty of fruit. This bowl also double up wonderfully as a salad bowl or serving bowl when paired with the matching salad servers from Oh So Pretty & Green. Available in a choice of 12 colours including red, purple and grey.


Many of the bowls in the Oh So Pretty & Green Aluminium and Mango ranges are perfect as salad bowls, and both ranges have matching salad servers. However, if you are after a larger salad / serving bowl suitable for a large family or a social occasion, we have two recommendations for you. Firstly, the best bowl as a large salad or serving bowl is the Extra Large 4 Point Bowl. This bowl is one of the latest bowls to be added to the collection and is a perfect serving bowl. There are 4 reasons this bowl is the perfect choice. Firstly - it's size. It has a diameter of 33cm and a height of 13cm, allowing it to hold plenty of salad, potatoes, vegetables or whatever else you are serving up. Secondly, the swooping 4 point shape of the bowl allows the salad servers to sit in the bowl perfectly without them falling around - whether you choice to sit the servers together or apart. This clever 4 point design also brings the third reason - the raised points of the bowl allow for an area for the bowl to be picked up from above if required, without you fingers entering the contents of the bowl. And lastly - this bowl is the part of a collection of matching shaped bowls. Mixing and matching the bowls within the collection allows you to build and create your own unique serving bowl set - which all can be stacked together and placed out of the way when not in use. 
The second bowl we recommend is our Large Round Bowl. This bowl is simple in shape and design but is a very beautiful and versatile serving bowl. This bowl has a choice of colours including lime, orange and teal. The matching salad servers sit wonderfully in this bowl, which has a large flat internal area, allowing it to hold plenty of salad, pasta, or other foods.


We have a large selection of bowls available as centrepieces at Oh So Pretty & Green. We offer over 10 different bowls and 12 colour choices available, making for a large selection. Depending on the size and depth of the surface you are wanting to add the centrepiece too, we have a couple of suggestions for you. For round or deep surfaces, we recommend the larger bowls from our Oval Collection. This bowl has a beautiful, swooping and gentle shape, meaning the shape of this bowl differs depending on the angle you look at it from. The larger two bowls can be used as fruit bowls, with the largest doubling up as a serving bowl.
If the area you are looking to add a centrepiece to is slim or rectangular in shape, then the bowls in the Boat Collection are perfect. Both are long slim bowls and vary in size from 38cm in length to 51cm. This bowl is beautiful as a centrepiece or as a contemporary fruit bowl. A large colour selection includes aqua, grey, black and white, with a Matt Gold finish entering the collection in Summer 2023.