New Colours Arriving Summer 2024

New Colours Arriving Summer 2024

We are continuing to expand our ever successful TONE colour selection and will be adding the following colours this summer:

Sage Green

Introducing the beautiful TONE Sage Green, the forth green added to the Oh So Pretty & Green Collection. This TONE Sage Green will be arriving in the form of our Small 4 Point Bowl, Small Oval Bowl, Salad Servers and our Round Tea Light Holder. It teams beautifully with our latest gold finish and will be appearing in the Small 4 Point Bowl in Gold and our Small Oval Bowl in Gold.

Pastel Pink

We will also be bringing a beautiful Pastel Pink to the Oh So Pretty & Green Collection. Our best selling recycled aluminium collection will see the Pastel Pink introduced in the Heart Bowl, Mini Heart Dish and the Small Oval Bowl, and our ever growing Gold Collection will see this colour introduced in the Mini Heart Dish and Rectangular Dish.

Gold Collection

Summer 2023 saw the arrival of our much anticipated Gold Collection and it did not disappoint. The launch of the Gold Collection saw 6 TONE colours combined with 7 of our designs, offering 31 items in the Gold Collection. The next 12 months will see this collection grow significant. The current colour range of Blue, Teal, Dark Purple, Dark Grey, Black and White will expand to include Sage Green, Pastel Pink and Light Grey, taking the colour choice in the Gold Collection from 6 to 9.

We will also be expanding the Gold Collection itinerary from the current 7 of Large Oval Bowl, Heart Dish, Mini Heart Dish, Rectangular Dish, Small 4 Point Bowl, Boat Bowl and Large Abstract Bowl to 10. The additional items arriving in the Gold Collection will be the Medium 4 Point Bowl, Abstract Bowl and Small Oval Bowl.

With the expansion of the current colours across the current bowl selection offered in the Gold Collection, plus the new colours and shapes, we hope to see the Gold Collection more than double over the next 12 months, rising from 31 items to 67 items